We are excited that you have chosen to learn more about who we are! Winter Haven Christian's Youth Fellowship starts with infants and continues on until adulthood when, hopefully, they choose to become a member of our congregation and enroll in our Adult Fellowships.

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Our Children's Church consists of children that range from infants to 10 years old. In these age groups we help reinforce the beliefs and values that the children are hopefully being taught at home. If they do not have the support they need to lead a Christian life, we help them starting at a young age and continue nurturing their spirituality well into adulthood. It is important for young minds to know Jesus and to begin to understand God's role in our lives.

Children's Church

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Our Youth Fellowship is comprised of tweens and teens from 11 to 17 years old. With this group we focus on helping them through the rough teenage years and are there for support and guidance while reinforcing their spirituality. They receive a deeper understanding of the Bible and are able to have their questions answered so they can strengthen their personal relationship with God.

Youth Fellowship

To see more about our Youth Fellowship, please click the button to the right to be taken to the Youth Fellowship page.