Our women's fellowship is made up of a wonderful group of women who are striving to work together to achieve a better understanding of God in today's world. We are constantly juggling families, careers and faith while walking the tightrope of life and finding balance and serenity within. It all sounds wonderful right? Well, sometimes we feel like this too...

While we know life isn't all hearts and flowers, through guidance and support from our leaders and peers and from the strength found in the Bible, we are able to find the balance and grace required by today's society. Our goal is to help women to know Christ and learn how to live by the Word of God at home, church, work, and community. We strive to lead people to know faith and form a relationship with Jesus Christ bringing honor and glory to God.

Through our fellowship, we:

  • Encourage a spiritual relationship & growth through God’s Word,
  • Fellowship with other Christian women and grow friendships,
  • Share God’s Word with all women in our church family and in our community,
  • Encourage each other in our daily walks with the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Minister to each other's needs

Come visit our women's fellowship to interact with others who know exactly what you are going through and can help you work through the hard times and celebrate the good, all the while giving thanks to God.