The Youth Fellowship at Winter Haven Christian Church is made up of Middle School and High School youth who desire to have a better understanding of God and God's Word. While some of them have been raised in Christian households, many have come from different walks of life without the structure of a Christian home.  

Winter Haven Christian Church has become the stability and support that many needed and others are searching for.

Our Youth Fellowship is active in our community and we are proud of their accomplishments. Recently the Youth Groups served more than two dozen dinners, raised thousands of dollars to attend conferences and learn more about God and each other. They faced many of their fears, participated in camp overnights and many more activities. During all of the excitement of their Youth Fellowship and helping others, they also spent a year reading through the Bible and discovering God’s love for us.

We’ve learned about missions, compassion, and service to others; then put it into practice. We’ve rock climbed, survived hurricanes, built homes and churches, packed over 200,000 meals for third world countries, and met played hours of ball and cards, swam in a river, an ocean, a lake, and a bay. We’ve even white water rafted, been spelunking, zip-lined, water skied, surfed, been stranded on an island for days, performed dramas, and taught elementary students all about Jesus. We are changing the world, making a difference, and finding TRUE meaning in our lives. All the while we’ve striven to grow closer to each other and deeper in our loving relationship with God. It doesn’t end there.

We hope you will come visit us.

See first hand how special you are to God and how He can make a difference in this world through you.

We look forward to some great times with you!